Corporate Social Responsibility

Alpha 15 Energy Ltd is a responsible corporate citizen. In Alpha 15 Energy Ltd, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a task, but an attitude engrained in every aspect of the company’s business. ALPHA 15 ENERGY LTD maintains that the company’s duty, apart from financial success, is to support and advance the development of the country in the interest of its people.
Alpha 15 Energy Ltd takes into account the sustainable impact of its actions and actively seeks opportunities to add value within its communities. Programs are built on the belief that focused efforts in areas of social improvement will result in measurable differences in the future of the country. Such areas, which form the pillars of the company’s CSR strategy, are: education, health and sports.
Additionally, Alpha 15 Energy Ltd provides support when social services are scarce or have reached the limits of their capacities, including emergency response, civil protection or fire service. Reputed to be a great private employer, ALPHA 15 ENERGY LTD takes on a high level of responsibility in the labor market. Training and professional development programs highlight Alpha 15 Energy Ltd.’s focused and goal-oriented investments in employee education.
The company offers specialized on-the-job training, as well as mentoring programs across all operations and functions.