Corporate Culture

Alpha 15 Energy Ltd has a progressive and open-minded corporate culture. The company never stands still in its efforts to drive both the organization and its clients’ developments forward.
Alpha 15 Energy Ltd systems are built on the belief that the company’s duty, apart from delivery of the highest quality standards in its work, is to support and advance the development of its staff, host communities and the country of Nigeria itself.
We have critical specific Nigerian knowhow and technical expertise coupled with employee dedication is the building blocks of JB’s leadership, and ethical conduct is the foundation of the company’s business principles.
Alpha 15 Energy Ltd values include a pledge to integrity and respect in all aspects of the company’s operations, dedication to the ongoing training of employees and the establishment of collaborative partnerships with clients.
Alpha 15 Energy Ltd works with a solutions-driven attitude and forward-looking aspirations.
Throughout the company, change is considered as a positive opportunity to build on historic strengths. While Alpha 15 Energy Ltd progresses with the times in order to stay current and competitive, the company always remains true to its core principles and beliefs.