Stand-alone EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects
b. Civil works, Construction, etc.
i. Projects with concrete structures and/or steel structures compositions for the have been executed for different clients, including but not limited to energy sector, transport industry, hospitality businesses etc.
c. Well operations
i. Workover & Completions
ii. Plug & Abandonment
iii. Slickline/Mechanical line operations
iv. Tubulars and Tong Services
d. Well Head maintenance
i. Our Skilled Engineers work on all types of actuators and valves (eg. ball, gate, and butterfly), we equally supply OEM spares and their alternatives based on OEM specifications, synthetic greases and sealants while also being able to perform most repairs in-situ.
ii. We provide preventive and reactive maintenance services on wellheads (Christmas trees, valves, actuators, etc.) and other associated pressure containment equipment.
e. Flow station/ Gas plants maintenance- Repair and Maintenance of pressure vessels, production/process facilities
i. Valves & Manifolds maintenance
ii. Compressors maintenance
iii. Discharge & flow pump maintenance
iv. Pneumatic pumps maintenance
v. Heat exchangers, boilers and furnaces
vi. Turbines, generators, motors
f. Welding & Fabrication
i. Fabrication and Erection of major process equipment including water projects, platforms, machining to precision of Mechanical Parts.
g. Pipelines (design, fabrication, installation, repairs/maintenance)
We carry out pipelines activities such as piping, fabrication/construction, structural steel fabrication, insulation, pipeline lowering, laying & joining, hydro-test of pipelines, pipeline flushing, excavation, Earth Movement, trenching, pigging, Pipeline Commissioning & Decommissioning.
h. Inspection & Corrosion Control (QA/QC)
Application of inspection and control services on pipelines like NDT, MPI, VBI, EMI among others.
i. Electrical & Instrumentation/Process Control
Our activities include Instrumentation & Control, procurement of major electrical equipment, and electrification of projects, electrical insulation, industrial electrical wiring, and installations.


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