Design and Construction

We can confidently display from our kitty energy/equipment support services


Stand-alone EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects. Civil works, Construction

Environmental Management

Spillage control, Land reclamation, Industrial landscaping

Procurement & Supply

We embark on procurement of any relevant and requested material or equipment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services of superior quality and value that best meets the needs and demands of our clients and conforms to the best available professional practices (BAPP) as safely as possible.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be in the league of top best companies in West Africa delivering global best practices in the energy sector and maintaining excellent equilibrium in technology and engineering know-how.

Our Culture

Our team is dedicated, hands-on requisite experience with project management expertise. We take pride in human capacity development which is a key driver to our high level productivity.

Our Projects

Alpha 15 Energy Ltd


Alpha 15 Energy Ltd